01 30 2022
In The Dark

Last night I was woken from sleep by an owl, calling out in the darkness. I couldn’t see the owl, he was out of my sight, up on my roof, but his song, that beautiful sound, repeated in the night.  We all know, every one of us, the phases of light and dark on this...

01 30 2022
Just Be Quiet

I invite you to close your eyes, and just be quiet for a few seconds. What happens when you sit in stillness?   When I am quiet, first I hear cacophony inside. I stay longer and usually find a place of stillness. Adyashanti says: all forms of spirituality, at essence, are saying be quiet. Christianity, Hinduism,...

01 30 2022

Years ago, when I was pregnant, I was determined to have my baby the natural way. I did yoga, took herbs and vitamins, wrote a detailed birth plan: no unnecessary drugs or procedures. I was certainly not going to have a c-section, if I had any choice in the matter! The plan was all good…...